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To the Church: Don't Stop Believing (1 Thessalonians 2:10-16)

October 01, 2023 Jeff McLain
River Corner Church
To the Church: Don't Stop Believing (1 Thessalonians 2:10-16)
Show Notes

This week, Pastor Jeff McLain continued ourTo the Church series through Thessalonians, as he looked at 1 Thessalonians 2:10-16 and the way that Paul calls the Thessalonian church to  not stop believing in what God was doing in, with, and through them. Even more, Paul calls them to gain new ground as witnesses to God's Kingdom.

We started this series by looking at Acts 17 and getting an overview of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonian followers of Jesus.  Though Paul was only with them for three weeks, that church grows up to bring a strong outpost of the Kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Despite the persecution, cultural problems, and societal polarization they were facing around them, they were able to hold on to their faith in remarkable ways.
Along with Silas and Timothy, Paul wrote this letter to the Thessalonian churches to encourage them to stay focused and true to what God was doing in their midst. Paul also wrote the letter to equip them with mindsets and postures that will help to liberate them from the entrapping of their mourning, grief, and suffering. This letter calls empowers them with principles and priorities to live by as individuals and as a church that will help them to know “how to live in order to please God.”

Who we are together.
River Corner Church is a growing church community of everyday people who gather to worship God, follow Jesus, and journey through life together.

What we practice together.
Our small church community is uniquely caring, simple, laid-back and intergenerational. As a church we want to be a welcoming, safe and healing community for those who are seeking, hurting, or need a place to belong. Our practices are contemplative (reflective) and charismatic (Spirit-driven), conversational and informative. The times we share together are intentional and intimate, and a mix between modern and traditional. We want to be a place in which love and honor are lived out, where humility is central, and where hospitality is woven into the threads of our community. There is room at the table.

When we gather together.
River Corner Church gathers weekly on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM to worship and experience God, study the scriptures, journey through life together and to partner with the Holy Spirit. We meet in a a simple worship meeting house at 524 River Corner Road in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. You are welcome as you are, just be yourself. There are other times that we hold small groups, events and more.

Our Pastoral Leader.
Jeff McLain has served as our pastoral leader since April 2022. He is currently a doctoral student at Fuller Seminary, where he also has earned two masters degrees - one in Theology and Ministry and another in Leadership. Jeff also holds a Graduate Certificate in Non-profit Management from City Vision University. In addition to serving River Corner Church, Jeff serves full-time as the Director of Pastoral Ministries at Water Street Mission. In addition to over 13 years of pastoral ministry, Jeff has enjoyed event promotion, leadership coaching, blogging and podcasting. For over 17 years, Jeff has been happily married to Katie. Jeff, Katie and their three wander-filled daughters, are avid fans of road trips, baseball, boardwalks, beaches and books.

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