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The Time Has Come: We've Never Seen Authority Like This (Mark 2:1-12)

May 14, 2023 Mike Dickert
River Corner Church
The Time Has Come: We've Never Seen Authority Like This (Mark 2:1-12)
Show Notes

On May 14, Mike Dickert joined us from New Danville Mennonite Church, and he continued our "The Time Has Come" series with a look at Mark 2:1-12, and the story of Jesus forgiving a paralyzed man. In this story, we see that Jesus model an authority that was never seen before.

Mark's narrative on the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus starts with Jesus declaring that it was time to change our way of living and to live into the way that the presence, goodness and good news of God (the Kingdom of God) had come tangibly into the present (Mark 1:15). In each of the stories told by Mark, after that proclamation of Jesus, we witness Jesus demonstrating how God's Kingdom was making a difference in their day.

The difference that God's Kingdom makes is more than just getting to go to heaven when we die. Through Jesus' inauguration of the Kingdom of God on earth, God's eternal heaven is now bringing glimpses of God's future restoration into today. In the ministry of Jesus, Mark shows us that Jesus was bringing about God's liberation and healing to demonstrate how God's Kingdom makes a difference today. 

Throughout this series, we see what it means to repent and believe that God's transformative hope of heaven is still bringing God's liberation and healing into the present. The time has come to see what it means for us that God's transformative Kingdom longs to work in, with and through us to not only make a difference in eternity but also today.

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